To be of homosexual nature, or to have such preferences, is rather something of an outrage in these times.

Society expects you to live a life extracted from the pages of a textbook, to abide by words in ink which  never seems to fade, to smother your inner being and forget your true desires.

Do humans function in a way that we cannot comprehend our own fate through the absence of a conscience, like that of a dog, a cow, a lamb to the slaughter?

We are an example to our children, and their predecessors.  We show them what it is to live a normal, satisfactory life.  Teach them the rights and the wrongs, the birds and the bees, and the things which are nowadays deemed as socially acceptable.

So why is it that we do not teach them to embrace differences?

They do not allow their children to engage with a homosexual man or woman, this lies within the petty myth that we set a bad example – we go against the will of God, we commit our sins and we corrupt.

Sometimes I believe that human compassion ceases to exist.

In this sense, we cannot be differentiated from animals, or mere objects.

They argue that they teach their children to love, but it is easy to see the cracks in one’s facade.  A homosexual, when caught, becomes equivalent to a criminal, and said criminal must then learn to adjust to his new surroundings in a world where he is hated for no real reason but that of which is his diverse approach to love.

We have tried to love those that we were told to love, but how may one truly portray their feelings when they are being suffocated of their freedom to choose?  Is it not our ability to choose which makes us human, and brings us infinite psychological pain?

It never fails to amaze one’s self when they hear of the hardship of their kind.  A man may be a doctor, a teacher, a celebrity of sorts, but one confession can see their career and their reputation come crumbling to the floor around them.  The man who created the antidote to your previously incurable illness a while back, he becomes a monster.  The woman who taught your child to read and write, she is now an animal.

What, one may ask, is the way to cleanse the world of this sickness, this disease?

To shun us.

To chemically castrate gay men, to emasculate them and strip them of the barely existent dignity that they may have had.  To shun the women, talk to them like that selfish, inconvenient piece of dirt on the bottom of your shoe.  To kick us to the gutter and teach your child to mock us.

And we may hardly call the human race better.

The foundations of a self-proclaimed “nurturing” society begin to crumble.

We begin to doubt the meaning of existence in the first place.

Why live when you cannot thrive, cannot love what is natural, and have your love treated as though it can be surgically removed?

The world will weep when it sees the prejudice the people have brought upon it.

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