Welcome, to the Eternal City…



Rome… a city of intricate beauty and desire.  The city that captivates all, and resides in hearts for a lifetime.  A place of incredible architecture and wisdom, and a place where memories are truly made.   
But just what is there to see and do in this city, with which thousands of people admit their love affair?  I visited in late July to find out what it is that keeps bringing tourists back for more.

They say Rome is one of those cities that truly captivates all who pass through its doors, that instills only the greatest desires and passions one could possibly imagine.    

Stepping from the crowded flight, ablaze with tumultuous tourists and contented natives, the heat of the eternal city allowed one to bask in its glory, and devour its beauty.    

Admittedly, when thinking of Rome, the mind can instantly conjure images of Legionnaires, battalions and Emperors, marching in impressive thousands along dusty roads.     

You muse over the Colosseum, and the historical transition from barbaric amphitheatre to world-famous, iconic tourist attraction.  And of course, all the guilty women out there will be thinking of that thick, charming accent that could melt butter, and millions of hearts around the world.   

But that day, all I could think about was how truly lucky I was to be standing in this city.  For years, I had wondered, marvelled and dreamt of wandering the streets, getting lost in the puzzle of alleys and side-streets, and feeling my heart swell at the sight of incredible architecture.  It is in very few other cities which you can truly imagine yourself residing, living la Dolce Vita, am I right?    

But what is there to do in this wonderful city, other than stand in awe?  Here, I’ll be explaining some of the best sights and attractions in the eternal city, as well as speaking to Margie Miklas, a popular author and blogger, from MargieinItaly.  

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