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Those of us who attend gigs on a regular basis will relate to the whirlwind of emotions and sensations which arise both during the performance itself, and those which become rooted within ourselves in the aftermath.

Tonight’s performance brought alongside it the familiar feelings – intense apprehension, excitement and nostalgia.  Not to mention the blissful feeling of a pounding bass drum and powerful chords reverberating in your ears, making your bones quake and your heart race that little bit faster.

That, dear readers, is the effect of an evening with Hotter Than Hell, Europe’s No.1 KISS tribute.

Fans from Glasgow and beyond were gathered in tonight’s venue, The Garage, eagerly awaiting what was sure to be another incredible set.

And this quintessential quartet did not disappoint.  From the moment those platform boots and iconic painted faces donned the steps to the stage, the atmosphere was ablaze, and they were welcomed with cheers from their dedicated fans, not to mention those visiting for the first time.

Opening with the beloved hit ‘Detroit Rock City’, Hotter Than Hell captivated their audience right from the beginning. 

Marty McStravick, our very own Paul Stanley, brought an abundance of energy and charisma to the centre of the stage.  Strutting and dancing round the set, he absolutely nailed the characteristics of the Starchild, from the engagement of his fans to the perfection of his pout. 

To his right, Hotter Than Hell’s Demon, Rory Judge, reigns as the ‘God of Thunder’, head bobbing to the beat, tongue wagging.  Plucking hit after hit, Judge had the crowd positively baying for blood, which he soon gladly spat over the stage in true Gene Simmons style.

On the other side of the stage, stands our Spaceman.  To those of us here on Earth, he is Davide Liddi, delivering awesome solos and a charismatic performance, gazing out over his audience with satisfaction. Quite simply, he adds even more power to an ‘Outta This World’ set.

And last, but certainly not least, bringing the thunder from the back, is Luca ‘The Animal’.  As tonight’s Catman, Luca brought the heartbeat of this live extravaganza, earning the utmost respect and admiration from Glasgow’s crowd.  Pounding and thrashing his drums, this cat showed no signs of retracting his claws – and the audience loved it.

The hits just kept coming – from the popular ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ to the anthem ‘Crazy Crazy Nights’, not to mention the appearance of ‘God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You’, which only served to further unite both band and fans.

Finishing with the one and only, rock and roll national anthem, ‘Rock & Roll All Nite’, Hotter Than Hell not only ended a truly amazing show here in Glasgow, but also found their way into the hearts of their fans, old and new.

From the intricacy of their makeup, to the accuracy and passion which set their stage alight, Hotter Than Hell are an act NOT to be missed.

Glasgow wanted the best that night, and, wow, they really did get the best!  Congratulations, gentlemen, on what was yet another memorable gig.

Hotter Than Hell are set to return to Glasgow in 2017.  Check out their website for details and announcements.

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